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Diatom v2

Diatomaceous earth

THE ULTIMATE "ORGANIC" Insect control!

Diatomaceous Earth or better known simply as DE is a 100%…

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infusion 200ml HA 1024x1024

In-fusion HA

JOINT SUPPORT SUPPLEMENTIn-Fusion may help support the joints of your equine athletes, golden oldies or…

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In-Fusion MSM Joint Supplement

In-Fusion MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is ultra pure bioavailable form of sulphur.

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Inside Out Pet

Try a 40grm pottle of Inside Out Pet for just $15.

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OIP 3 v8

Nutri Zing Greenshell Mussel Pet Tablets

Promotes joint mobility & health
Natural anti-inflammatory properties
Natural source of omega-3
Cats and Small Dogs
1 tablet daily


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OIP v19

Pernaflex Powder

Pernaflex Natural Supplement is a natural marine sourced health supplement for joints.

125grm |


Pet Mussel Green Shell

Silberhorn PetMussel Greenshell Mussel Capsules (100)

Use as a nutritional supplement to assist in keeping your…

100 Tablets |

Vetpro Joint dog

ProJoint Support 4Dogs

Maintains free movement of joints in all breeds and ages
Supports your dog’s natural anti-inflammatory response

500grm |

Canine skin coat group 01.2

Provida Flaxseed Dog Skin & Coat

ProVida Skin & Coat Oil is the ideal nutritional supplement for dogs with poor skin…

250ml | 500ml | 1L |

Canine 3mega group 01.1

Provida Flaxseed Oil Dog

With 60% Omega 3, 15% Omega 6 and 15% Omega 9, Flax Seed Oil is…

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Canine bone joint group 01.1

Provida Flaxseed Oil Dog Bone & Joint

ProVida Bone & Joint has been carefully formulated by nutritionists using a unique blend of…

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