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Avivern Wormer 50ml

Worm Remedy for Fowls (Chickens), Turkeys, Ducks, Cage Birds and Pigeons
Aviverm™ is an anthelmintic which provides simultaneous treatment of immature and adult stages of the three most important intestinal worms: Ascaridia (roundworm; Capillaria (hairworm); Heterakis (cecal worm)

Easy to use ONE dose treatment to expel mature and immature roundworms. Birds should immediately resume full growth rate and egg production. A ready to pour liquid concentrate that makes a clear solution in their drinking water. Palatable to birds of all ages.

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Directions of use:

  1. Estimate the number of birds served by each tank and work out their average weight
  2. Using these figures, estimate their total live weight
  3. Now estimate how much Aviverm™ is required at a dose of 1ml per 9kg live weight
  4. Add this quantity of Aviverm™ to the drinking water - ensure sufficient water is available for 8 hours normal consumption

Alternative directions for use for Small Birds:              
(When treating birds invidiually use an eye dropper or small syringe)

Birds 250g Add 1.25ml Aviverm™ to 250ml of water
Birds 500g Add 2.5ml Aviverm™ to 500ml of water
Birds 1kg Add 5ml Aviverm™ to 1 litre of water

Administration and Withholding period

For maximum efficiency the treated water should be consumed in the shortest possible time. Withhold water from 2 hours before nightfall until morning, or lights are turned out, and then supply treated water only. Flush out tanks and replace with fresh water after 8 hours or as soon as the treated water is consumed. Broilers and other chickens raised under continuous lighting, withhold water for 1 hour in summer or 2 hours in winter before supplying the treated water. Then continue as above

Withholding Times:
Animals producing meat and offal for human consumption must not be sold for slaughter during or within 7 days of the last treatment. Eggs from treated birds must not be sold for human consumption for 6 days following the cessation of the last treatment
Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. A1106

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