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Rabbit's, guinea pigs, chinchillas, fish, rats and mice are all catered for at North Canterbury Stockfeed Supplies.

Feeds, bowls, treats, toys, bedding, hay and straw to keep your little critters clean, dry and entertained can be found on the shelves at our friendly feed and supply store! Call in and see our collection of pet shop animals for sale, which include rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and birds. Please note: The availability of pets for sale depends on supply and are seasonal.

2220 Burgess Excel IndoorRabbit 1 5kg 260718

Burgess Excel Indoor Adult Rabbit Nuggets

A complementary feed for rabbits.   Ideal for rabbits living indoors.

1.5Kg |

2KgBurgesExcelGuineaPigBO e1528675013885

Burgess Excel Adult Guinea Pig Nuggets with Blackcurrant & Oregano

A nugget with blackcurrant and oregano for adult guinea pigs is a complementary pet food...

2Kg |


Burgess Excel Adult Guinea Pig Nuggets with Mint

A delicious, complementary food for guinea pigs that is high in fibre and Vitamin C...

2Kg |

2KgBurgesExcelLight e1492748640817

Burgess Excel Adult Rabbit Light Nuggets with Mint

Vets are seeing a growing number of overweight rabbits, usually as a result of poor...

2Kg |

2KgBurgesExcelAdultMInt e1492748468382 100x100

Burgess Excel Adult Rabbit Nuggest with Mint

A delicious, complementary food for adult rabbits that’s high in fibre and rich in nutrients.

2Kg |

1847 Burgess Excel Supasmall Chinchlla 1 5kg 400x400

Burgess Excel Chinchilla Nuggets

A delicious, complementary food for chinchillas that is high in fibre and rich in vitamins...

1.5Kg |

2KgBurgesExcelJuniorDwarf web 100x100

Burgess Excel Junior & Dwarf Rabbit Nuggets with Mint

A delicious, complementary food for young rabbits which is also perfect for dwarf rabbits, because...

2Kg |

2KgBurgesExcelMature e1492748219524 510x577

Burgess Excel Mature Rabbit Nuggets

When a rabbit has been a treasured family member for several years, it can be...

2Kg |

Burgess NaturesBlend 1 5kg

Burgess Excel Natures Blend Nuggets

A mix of nutritious grasses and vitamin rich hedgerow ingredients: dandelion, nettle and lemon balm.

1.5Kg |

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Sorry Carrots have finished for the season  


20Kg |


Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs are available in store only.


KittyFresh 30l Paper 82086.1586568164

Kitty Fresh Paper Cat Litter

The Kitty Fresh Ink-Free Paper Litter is a 100% biodegradable litter which is made from...

30 L |