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Multifeed Nuts

Couplands Multifeed nuts are an all round, nutritionally balanced feed for sheep, deer, cattle and goats formulated to meet the necessary requirements of growing young stock, or where nutrient demands are high, (eg pregnancy, lactation, wool growth, live weight gain) and to be fed as a supplement to help maintain condition health and production during periods of critical feed stress.

Sizes Available:

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Ingredients selected from:
Barley, wheat, maize, bran and pollard, peas, copra meal, soya bean meal, lucerne meal, palm kernal, limestone, molasses, dicalcium phosphate, salt and vitamins and minerals.

Typical Analysis (Dry Matter Basis)
Protein: 14.0% Minimum
Fibre: 12.0% Maximum
Fat: 5.0% Maximum
Salt: 1.5% Maximum

Feeding Recommendations:

As with any new feed introduce gradually to sheep etc. Multifeed Nuts should be introduced before sheep etc lose too much condition. The amount of Multifeed nuts fed will depend on a number of factors such as pasture quality, body weight, and body condition, level of activity, weather conditions and stocking density.

Feeding levels of Multifeed Nuts will need to be regulated to each individual feeding situation.


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Feed rates

Typical Feed Rates:
Sheep and Goats: 200 – 400 grams per head per day
Deer: 250 – 750 grams per head per day
Fatting Cattle: 1 – 4 kg per head per day

Benefits of Feeding Multifeed Nuts:

  1. Makes better use of your paddock feed
    When feed in the paddock is scarce or consists only of unpalatable roughage, Multifeed nuts actually make the roughage more acceptable, beneficial and encourage stock to consume this available feed.

  2. Improve Your Lambing percentage
    Multifeed nuts will improve your lambing percentage, maintain better lambs and promote better health and condition.

  3. For Maintenance or Survival in Drought Conditions
    To sell in times of drought and have to restock at higher prices when conditions return to normal is very costly. Multifeed Nuts can maintain valuable stock in store condition at reasonable expense.

  4. Multifeed Nuts Versus Grain
    With Multifeed nuts you will find there is no wastage. Sheep forage and clean up every nut compared with feed grain where some is left behind causing regrowth and weed problems after rain. Sheep cannot selectively feed Multifeed nuts as they can on a mixed grain – sheep are forced to consume a balanced diet.