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Garlic Granules

Highly palatable human-grade pure garlic granules. Rich in bio-available Sulphur, Oil, and B group vitamins our pure garlic powder can given on a daily basis to help maintain general health, respiration, and support the immune system.

Garlic granules are probably the best option for most dogs which garlic flakes probably best used for large dogs. There is no difference in efficacy between these two forms of garlic.

Pure cold-pressed human-grade garlic granules

Equine dosage : one to two x 15ml scoops per day
Dog dosage : Quarter to 1.5 teaspoons per day depending on size

Will my horse eat the garlic?
Our garlic is pure culinary grade garlic and as such is quite strong-smelling. As with anything new being introduced to your horse’s diet introduce very gradually, ideally associate it with something like carrots or molasses, using one or the other as a ‘carrier’ until your horse gets used to the taste and smell of the garlic. Particularly fussy animals may prefer the garlic granules or even the garlic flakes.

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