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Garlic Granules

Garlic Granules

Highly palatable human-grade pure garlic granules.

700grm | 2Kg |

infusion 200ml HA 1024x1024

In-fusion HA

JOINT SUPPORT SUPPLEMENTIn-Fusion may help support the joints of your equine athletes, golden oldies or...

200ml | 500ml | 1L | 5L |

In fusion HA 1L 1024x1024

In-Fusion HA

In-Fusion may help support the joints of your equine athletes, golden oldies or your canine...

200ml | 500ml | 1L | 5L |

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In-Fusion MSM Joint Supplement

In-Fusion MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is ultra pure bioavailable form of sulphur.

450grm | 1Kg | 5Kg |

400 gms In Stride Hoof Supplement 160x

In-Stride Hoof Supplement

In-Stride Hoof Supplement has been developed by a equine specialist vet for Evolution Animal Care.

400grm | 1Kg | 5Kg |

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Inside Out Horse

INSIDE-OUT can benefit your horse because it:

Contains a nutraceutical blend of natural holistic ingredients including pre...

400grm | 1Kg | 5Kg |

seleniumdrench1mg 333x638c0pcenter

Selenium 1mg 1 litre

A liquid form of selenium that is suitable to be drenched to sheep, cattle and...

1L |

Vetpro DigestRiteSport v2

Vetpro Digest-Rite Sport Plus

Equine Athlete Digest-Rite Sport + is a nutritional supplement formulated for both sport and performance horses whose...

5Kg | 2Kg |

Vetpro electrolytes

Vetpro Equine Electrolytes

 Cherry Flavour 

The muscular activity associated with training and competition results in a rapid increase in...

2Kg |

Vetpro MineralsEveryday1 v3

Vetpro Equine Every Day Minerals

Everyday Minerals do not contain selenium as this element needs to be very closely monitored and...

2Kg |

Vetpro FourFeet v2

Vetpro Equine Four Feet 1 kg

Equine Four Feet contains zinc, sulphur, menthionine and biotin, all essential components of strong healthy hooves,...

1Kg |

Vetpro MineralsPerformance v3

Vetpro Performance Minerals

Vetpro Equine Performance Minerals are veterinarian formulated and contain Calcium and Phosphorus, along with higher levels...

2Kg | 5Kg |