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ProJoint Support 4Dogs

Maintains free movement of joints in all breeds and ages
Supports your dog’s natural anti-inflammatory response
Provides optimum level of Omega 3 to support health and vitality
Provides natural beta-glucans to support gut wall function and aid immunity
FREE from wheat, Gluten and Soya
100% Non GM formulation
Easy to feed “mini-pellet” form

Contains 14 active ingredients.


Hyaluronic Acid 
L-Glutamic Acid 
Curcumin / PiperineCollagen Matrix 
Green Lipped Mussel .
Salmon Oil complements Green Lipped Mussel extract to provide highly bioavailable sources of EPA & DHA
Vitamin C 
Vitamin E 500 
Beet Pulp .

Daily Dose Rate

Small Dogs Up to 15kg
1/4-1/2 measure

Medium to Large Dogs 16kg-30kg
1/2-1 measure

Large to Very Large Dogs 31kg-60kg
1 to 2 measures

Dogs over 60kg – allow 1/2-1 measure per 30kg bodyweight

Measure included in pack. 1 level measure = 10g

Sizes Available:

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