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Pernaflex Powder

Pernaflex Natural Supplement is a natural marine sourced health supplement for joints. It is a palatable powder which is given daily with your pet's food. Ingredients are freeze-dried green lipped mussel, shark cartilage and abalone. These provide a natural source of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Omega-3 fatty acids and a range of trace elements.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps maintain joint health for all ages
  • No preservatives or added flavours, just pure, natural freeze-dried marine concentrates
  • Naturally tasty
  • May assist in the relief of arthritic symptoms in dogs

Made Specifically For: Dogs with arthritis


Administer once daily mixed with food or drink.

Up to10kg: 1.2g.

0 to 20 kg 1.7g.

20 to 30 kg 2.3g.

30 to 40kg: 2.8g.

40 to 50kg: 3.4g.

Administration to pregnant animals is not recommended.

Sizes Available:

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