Rabbits and Small Animals

Rabbits and Small Animals

Rabbit's, Guinea pigs, Fish, Rats and mice are all catered for at North Canterbury Stockfeed Supplies. Feeds, bowls, treats, toys, bedding, hay and straw to keep your little critters clean, dry and entertained during the day can be found on the shelves at your friendliest feed and supply store! Call in and see our collection of pet shop animals for sale, Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Mice, Rats and birds. Please note: The availiability of pets for sale depends on supply and are seasonal.

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Meadow Hay Bag

Suitable for rabbits and guinea pigs.


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Rabbit and Guine Pig Muesli 2KG

A premium quality mix respected and recommended by top cockatiel breeders.


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Canary Mix 20kg

Canary Mix, Contains, Canary Seed, Linseed and Rape Seed.


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