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North Canterbury Stockfeed Supplies carry a range of Lifestyle and Farm animal handling equipment displayed in our store in Woodend. Such as Cattle,Sheepand horse Yards, Loading Ramps, Dog Compounds, Farm gates, hay feeders, concrete water troughs.

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Cattle Yards

Looking for quality steel yards? You've come to the right place!


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Sheep Yards 10- 15 Head

Sheep yards we've got you covered !


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Sheep Yards 120 Head

If your looking for quality sheep yards we've got you covered!


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Economy Farm Gate 10ft

Farm Gates, We have every need covered!


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Racumin Paste 2.25kg

Racumin Paste is formulated to achieve fast more conclusive rat and mouse control. Presented in a stable bait matrix it combines vegetable fats and carbohydrates in a way that is exceptionally attractive to rats and mice.


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Heavy Duty Round Bale Feeder, Suitable for cattle

Call for Price: 03 3100 444

Cattle Ramp Heavy Duty

If you’re in need of a cattle loading ramp, that’s not only strong, but portable, look no further than Premium Lifestyle’s heavy duty cattle loading ramp, as we believe it is one of the strongest and most easy to transport in New Zealand, and as with all our products it offers exceptional value.


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